"Kazzeggio" (pron.: "cat-seg-joo") is the ancient art of doing nothing and dissing real world responsibilities - you can read more (providing you understand italian) for example here.

Kazzeggio.com is two things:

    1. the smallest and most closed social network in the world, grown around the kazzeggio mailing list (proudly offering useless entertainment to its selected member since 1998)

    2. a convenience domain used for email addresses by people who would rather not let their identity be known to everybody in the world - no we are not talking being really, really anonymous, as in "I am a paedophile or a terrorist", just the sort of anonymity of "I have real work responsibilities but still like to act immature from time to time"

    3. a dumpster website for useless, immature guerrilla marketing websites or other shit like that

Yes we do know these are three items, so what?